Tehnikinvest - About Us

The company "Tehnikinvest doo" was established in September 2009 under the name "Devet Jugovića doo.". After several status and ownership changes, changed its name to Tehnikinvest.

The company is owned by an experienced specialist in the field of civil engineering. The company has built residential building in the street. Stanoje Stanojevic 8 in Novi Sad, in the part called Bistrica, which is the first in Serbia to receive energy passport.

The long-term vision of the company take the leading position on the Serbian market of housing construction by introducing modern building technologies, including: ecological energy-efficient construction, renewable energy and the implementation of modern management systems (BMS-building managament system) at an affordable price.

The first short-term goal of the company fast and quality construction, the first energy-efficient building in Novi Sad with the characteristics listed in the description of the vision of the company is completed.

Following a short-term goal of the company is the construction, energy-efficient, ecological, "smart" building in Belgrade, Zvezdara, on the corner of Velimir Rajić and Hadži Mustafina 24